Patricia is ready to take on the challenges of these times

Many things are on the line for Riverside: how our community will navigate the continued effects of the pandemic, a city in serious fiscal uncertainty, and a growing homeless population.

COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 has taken our loved ones, damaged our economy, stunted our children’s academic achievements, and created sizable mental health implications for our community. As Riverside’s next Mayor,  I will lead our recovery effort by facing this crisis head on, leveraging state-level relationships to influence change, and working closely with our medical, business, educational, and nonprofit leaders to develop a comprehensive path forward. My top priority is working together to move all Riversiders toward economic recovery and prosperity.

Economy & Job Growth
With four quality colleges and universities, Riverside should be the epicenter of jobs and opportunity in the Inland Empire, yet many families still struggle to get by. As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will lead  our city’s economic development efforts by implementing a robust  economic development plan, shifting towards a much more proactive model to attract and retain businesses that will create quality, high-paying jobs with great benefits.
To attract businesses and high-paying jobs with great benefits, Riverside must stabilize its budget. The city is on a path that could lead to bankruptcy by as early as 2023, meaning the city won’t be able to pay its bills. Despite this common knowledge, the City Council has failed to make meaningful budget reforms, choosing instead to kick the can down the road by borrowing money rather than facing hard financial decisions. As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will work with our business and labor leaders to balance the city’s budget, develop a plan to avoid insolvency and work with the City Council to restore financial stability.
Public Safety & Homelessness
Crime continues to rise in California and Riverside is not immune from these problems. With daily reports of auto theft, stolen mail and assault, people no longer feel safe in our city. As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will ensure our public safety personnel have the tools and resources they need to keep our neighborhoods, schools, and parks safe while also ensuring strict accountability metrics.
Sadly, Homelessness increased in the City of Riverside by 33% during the last year and is one of the largest threats to our quality of life.  The City Council has failed to develop a comprehensive approach to address this issue and establish accountability metrics. We must continue to partner with our faith communities and utilize all available resources, incorporate innovative ideas, and embrace a community-based approach to uphold our city’s commitment to serving our most vulnerable.  With looming COVID-19 related evictions on top of a housing shortage and affordability crisis, Riverside’s homelessness population could grow substantially without quick action.
As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will fight to stop allowing other cities to import their homeless into our city, lead efforts to develop a regional plan, and stay at the forefront of developing housing policy, so our seniors, hardworking families and youth can afford to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads.
Quality of Life

Riverside’s quality of life is in jeopardy from long term financial decisions that have not prioritized operations and maintenance for our beloved parks, solved year over year increases in homelessness, and expanded diverse housing options. As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will increase diverse housing options, attract high-paying jobs to reduce long commutes and negative air quality impacts. In addition, I will work with our neighboring cities to develop a comprehensive approach to address homelessness and clean up our parks. My decisions will always be evaluated against what will provide all residents with a safe place to live, work and play.

During my tenure as an elected Trustee and former President of the Riverside Unified School District, we have prioritized increases in graduation and college readiness rates, expansion of important career and technical education programs, restoring visual and performance arts into the curriculum and prioritizing our student’s mental and physical health. Yet, there are new challenges ahead. As Riverside’s next Mayor, I will continue to fight to provide all students with quality and consistent access to new online learning tools. In addition, I will work closely with our  schools  to maximize nontraditional learning support for all of Riverside’s children in this challenging COVID environment.
Riverside is blessed with one of the best community colleges in our nation and three diverse, top-notch universities.  As your next Mayor, I will work closely with our higher education and workforce development leaders to create quality, high-paying jobs with great benefits for our career and technical education, college, and university graduates.  I know what it is like to have a family spread out across the nation.  Let’s focus on keeping our talent in Riverside, close to their families and support systems.

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