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Rusty Bailey
Mayor of Riverside

Riverside is at a crossroads and needs a leader who cares more about our resident's well-being than partisan politics. Patricia has proven her ability to work across party lines to deliver results. From improved graduation rates, working to save the cross on Mt. Rubidoux, and delivering funding to build the Santa Ana River Trail, Patricia Lock Dawson gets things done.

Ron Loveridge
Former Mayor

Patricia has a proven ability to successfully take on the tough challenges. As mayor, Patricia will implement the necessary bold strategies to reduce homelessness by getting people off the streets now and increasing our housing supply. She is the candidate that will get the job done.

Riverside City Firefighters Association
Firefighters Association
Tim Strack, President

Enhancing Riverside's quality of life and ensuring safety of all have been a passion for Patricia for decades. Riverside's firefighters proudly support Patricia for Mayor because she has the vision and commitment to make all our neighborhoods safer.

Lou Correa
U.S. Congressman

Patricia is an inclusive coalition builder who knows how to balance all sides of an issue. She is what is needed now, more than ever, in our divisive and challenging environment. Patricia works across the aisle with ease, focusing on solutions, not ideology. She is what Riverside needs now.

Richard Roth
CA State Senator

Patricia is the candidate with the necessary experience to continue moving Riverside forward. As mayor, Patricia will ensure all Riverside residents have the opportunity to prosper and raise their families in safe, thriving neighborhoods.

Karen Spiegel
Riverside County Supervisor

​​Patricia’s commitment to building consensus among diverse stakeholders is only matched by her ability to deliver results. Riverside needs a forward thinking mayor who isn’t afraid to make hard policy decisions. Patricia’s commitment to strong financial controls, coupled with her expertise in strategic planning is just what Riverside residents need to lead the city into the future.

Acquanetta Warren
Mayor of Fontana

Patricia is a strong, passionate, and effective leader who will fight for the people of Riverside. She recognizes that Riverside and Fontana share similar challenges and opportunities and she is committed to working together as a regional coalition to improve our quality of life.

Kathy Allavie
President, RUSD Board

I have worked with Patricia for a decade on the RUSD Board of Education. She has impressed me with her no-nonsense approach to issues and her ability to get to the heart of a matter. As Mayor of our city, I can see her being the strong leader we need. Patricia will be a mayor we can all be proud of.

Brent Lee
RUSD Board Trustee

Riverside families need a mayor who will prioritize education and housing affordability, without jeopardizing our quality of life. Patricia Lock Dawson is the right person for the job. She has committed her life to advocating for our children, protecting our parks and open spaces, and finding common sense solutions. Please join me in supporting Patricia for mayor.

Dell Roberts
Community Leader

Patricia has a heart for Riverside families and for doing the right thing. Most importantly she listens and is an advocate for justice. Patricia is the candidate that will be the inclusive mayor we need. She’s humble and hardworking. In simple terms, I’d rather have a do-er than a talker.

The Press Enterprise

Navigating the city out of its budgetary morass will take somebody with business moxie, extensive experience working with state and local entities and persuasive abilities to bring along a sometimes lackadaisical council. For Riverside, Patricia Lock Dawson is the best suited to do that.

Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds
Black Voice News

Riverside, and our larger society, are in a time of great challenge and change. We need a mayor that will be a reliable voice to cut through the challenges, find common ground, and bring about meaningful change. I have known Patricia for over a decade and am confident in her abilities to be the inclusive leader that will bring the right people to the table to uplift our community and get the job done for Riverside.

Team PLD

Patricia is known for her ability to put people over politics and deliver results. Her broad base of support comes from Riversiders that know she’ll get the job done.

Virginia Blumenthal, RCCD Trustee

Gordon Bourns, Business Owner 

Rose Mayes, Community Leader

Kevin Jefferies, Riverside County Supervisor 

Bob & Charlotte McKenzie

Jane Carney, CSU Trustee

Jack Clarke Jr., Community Leader

Lamitra Baez

John Tavaglione, Former Riverside County Supervisor 

Jennifer Vaughn-Blakely & Tony Blakely  

Zack Earp, Fromer Alvord USD Trustee

Philip & Linda Rosentrater

Marcia McQuern, Former Publisher of The Press-Enterprise

Robert Schwandt, President Alvord USD Trustee

Chani Beeman, Community Leader

Connie Ranson

Rich Gardner, Former Candidate for Mayor of Riverside (March Primary)

Dr. Carla Thorton, Moreno Valley City Councilmember

Jon Christensen, Riverside County Treasurer/Tax Collector 

Melissa Ragole, Jurupa USD Trustee

Duane & Kelly Roberts, Owners of The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

Judy Nicols

Steve Johnson 

Lorna Jenkins, Business Owner

Pete Hollenhorst 

Miles & Heidi Thompson 

Ana Miramontes

Jamil Dada

Patsy Herrera, Business Owner

Ben Johnson, Former Alvord USD Trustee

Teresa Rosales

Tom Hunt, RUSD Trustee

Brenda Flowers

Finn & Holly Comer

Lisa Visingardi

Philip Falcone

Maureen Kane, Former Riverside City Councilmember

Art & Peggy Littleworth

Tom Mullen, Former Riverside County Supervisor 

Laura Pearson-Densmore, Former Riverside City Councilmember

Steve Adams, Former Riverside City Councilmember 

Sue Mitchell, Business Owner

Dave & Kristen Bristow

Donna Michalka

Nancy Cox

Roger Clarke, Business Owner

Jane Block

Hardy Brown II, President San Bernardino City Board of Education 

Sue Johnson, Business Owner

Ken Noller

Yurida Nava

Clifford Smith

Dr. Cony Martinez

Brad Alewine, Business Owner

Michelle Ouellette

Javier Castillo, Business Owner

Kristie Elton

Tom Evans, Former Director Riverside Western Municipal Water District 

Pete & Joanie Densmore 

Paula Pabalan 

Woody & Renee Dutton, Business Owners 

Mariana Robles

Mark Rubin, Business Owner

Becky Whatley, Business Owner

Phil & Ethel Rizzo

Charlotte Davidson

Jim & Debbi Guthrie, Business Owners

Chuck & Katie Krieger 

Andrea McCormick 

Doug & Barbara Shackelton

Azin Mobasher

John & Trish Field

Aaron Norris

Benoit & Kathy Malphettes

Adriana Castillo

David St. Pierre, Business Owner

Carrie Ridgeway 

Rickerby Hinds

Erin Phillips, Business Owner

Jennifer & Damien O’Farrell

Tim & Casey Jackson, Business Owners

Justin & Lindy Pardee, Business Owners

Sue Rainey, Former Riverside County Board of Education Member

Phyllis Crabtree

Ben Guizlo

Andrea Reagan 

Eric & Francie Johnson

Diana Renteria

Peter Hubbard

Linda Jenkins

Sean Mill

Lucia Mirande

Matt Pim

Carla Lidner Baum

Brian Nestande

*Partial list.

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