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Author: Justin Pardee

Beginning the week of October 5, 2020 all registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot. Regular polling places will not be offering in-person poll voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ballot is lengthy with items covering federal, state, and local level issues. Follow the instructions on the ballot to ensure you are completing your ballot in the correct way. Do not wait until November 3, 2020 to vote! To ensure your vote is counted, complete your ballot as promptly as possible and send it back in the mail or deliver it to any

I am honored to have the support of a broad base of Riversiders. My record, diverse experiences, and unique viewpoint enables me to take on complex issues and deliver results. From my time as a Riverside Planning Commissioner, RUSD Board of Education Trustee, and a business owner for 20 years, I have worked with a multitude of industries, organizations, and people. This range of experiences beyond City Hall and at multiple levels of government is critical to having effective leadership. Hear why Riversiders like Dell

The Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC) joins respected community leaders and organizations in business, education, and public safety to endorse Patricia Lock Dawson as the next Mayor to lead the City of Riverside. Lock Dawson will bring her fresh perspective and experience as a business owner, community leader, and school board trustee to help the City address a number of critical challenges that impact local businesses and residents. Lock Dawson’s top priority as Mayor will be to work with leaders from the

My top priority as Mayor is to work with our business and labor leaders to balance the city’s budget, develop a plan to avoid insolvency and move towards resolving our pension debt crisis with a three-pronged approach that I successfully employed while a school board trustee: Explore refinancing existing city debt so that what we have borrowed does not cost so much.Assemble a budget stabilization committee composed of business, labor, residents, department heads and others to determine which programs could be scaled back and which